March’s Breed Discount – Beagles!

Monthly Breed Discount - Training is 10% Off for Beagles This March! Bringing Awareness to Overpopulated Breeds "I wanted a Snoopy dog!" - But I didn't want incessant "beagling" (our affectionate term for incessant beagle barking...Did you know they are bred to bark while hunting?). Barking is the #1 reason there are so many beagles in our shelters and up [...]

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Matchmaking – Valentine for Life!

Did you know only one in ten dogs will ever find forever homes? Matchmaking can fix that problem.  Matchmaking is a service that Behave offers to new and old clients looking to add a new family member to their family.  Finding the right breed, personality, and energy level for your home can make all the difference.  Even if you would [...]

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Group Classes vs. Private Lessons – Which for what?

"Should I attend group sessions, or should I invest in private training?" I get this question frequently - and with good reason!  The two are vastly different, both in content and in price.  Many trainers will attempt to sell group sessions to someone who doesn't want to invest the money in private sessions, vouching that helping socialize your dog and [...]

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January Breed Discount (Chihuahuas!)

Monthly Breed Discount - Training for Chihuahua's is 10% off this January! Bringing Awareness to our Overpopulated Breeds  Each month we will be offering 10% off for a different breed that is all too common in our shelters, and we will be starting with the littlest dog.  These dogs may be small in stature, but they are having a big problem [...]

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Raw Diet or Premium Kibble?

Have you ever considered feeding a raw diet for your pups?  Many of our clients do - and for good reason!  Here is a quick list of pros and cons of feeding raw versus a premium grain free kibble: Pros:  If made correctly, it is the healthiest and most natural food  Raw food is better for dogs stomachs, as kibble [...]

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December 2013 Breed Discount

Behave will be introducing a monthly breed discount for dogs who are most commonly disowned in shelters, either from behavior issues, overpopulation, or both.  We will be starting off this month with discounts for the All-American Dog...Otherwise lovingly known as the "mutt". 10% off all "mutts", mixed breeds, and "All-American Dogs" until December 31, 2013

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This is Durham, a Behave client who needs your help!

From now through November 3rd, his Mom (who is the owner of Vicky's Pet Sitting) is raising funds to have a malignant tumor removed.  If you have a dog under 25lbs that might be a bit smelly, Vicky is doing a special on dog baths for only $10! If you'd like to help save Durham, and get a clean and [...]

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