April’s Breed Discount – Labs!

Monthly Breed Discount - Training is 10% Off for Labs This April! Bringing Awareness to Overpopulated Breeds Labs make wonderful family pets, but they aren't for EVERY family.  That is why this popular breed unfortunately finds itself at the shelter all too often.  There are just too many dogs and too few homes. If you are looking to bring a [...]

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What is the ‘Canine Good Citizen’ and why does it matter?

There are a lot of misconceptions about what getting your dog Canine Good Citizen or 'CGC' tested means.  Here are some common Q & A's that we at Behave get about the test "What are the benefits of getting my dog CGC tested?" There are many benefits of CGC classes, and testing!  The CGC is a standardized test by the [...]

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February Breed Discount – Siberian Huskies!

Monthly Breed Discount - Training for Siberian Huskies is 10% off this February! Bringing Awareness to our Overpopulated Breeds Each month we will be offering 10% off for a different breed that is all too common in our shelters, and what is more fitting in winter than a breed discount for our cold weather loving friends the Siberian Husky.  These [...]

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This is Durham, a Behave client who needs your help!

From now through November 3rd, his Mom (who is the owner of Vicky's Pet Sitting) is raising funds to have a malignant tumor removed.  If you have a dog under 25lbs that might be a bit smelly, Vicky is doing a special on dog baths for only $10! If you'd like to help save Durham, and get a clean and [...]

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Pet Photography?

Allison Shamrell is a local photographer who specializes in pets! Allison believes that dogs are important members of our families, and her photo sessions celebrate the personality of each individual pet. She creates beautiful, natural images, and her sessions are playful, un-posed, and can take place at your house, a nearby park, her studio, or anywhere around the San Diego area. Check [...]

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