February Breed Discount – Siberian Huskies!

//February Breed Discount – Siberian Huskies!

Monthly Breed Discount –
Training for Siberian Huskies is 10% off this February!

Bringing Awareness to our Overpopulated Breeds

Each month we will be offering 10% off for a different breed that is all too common in our shelters, and what is more fitting in winter than a breed discount for our cold weather loving friends the Siberian Husky.  These beautiful dogs often are bought as puppies because they are so beautiful, but they are not an ordinary animal.  Any Husky owner will tell you that it is not just their high energy requirement that makes them challenging, but also their more primal behavior.  However, they also are loving, sweet, companions who can be wonderful family members with training, patience, and love.

Looking for a good rescue? Here is a link to a Southern California Husky Rescue

Photo Credits to our own Husky rescue, Dante, and three of his friends from the same litter of rescue puppies.  They are all Manchester Terrier mixes, and two of them, Iris & Audit, are still looking for homes!

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