January Breed Discount (Chihuahuas!)

//January Breed Discount (Chihuahuas!)

Monthly Breed Discount –
Training for Chihuahua’s is 10% off this January!

Bringing Awareness to our Overpopulated Breeds 

Each month we will be offering 10% off for a different breed that is all too common in our shelters, and we will be starting with the littlest dog.  These dogs may be small in stature, but they are having a big problem finding homes.  If you are looking to bring a Chihuahua in to your home, we suggest adoption first.  This breed is so common, you can even easily find a young puppy to adopt!

Looking for a good rescue? Here is a link to the Chihuahua Rescue of San Diego

P.S. Thank you “Ruby” Chihuahua, a rescue Momma for her photo credits!  Ruby had a hard life before she found her forever home, but now lives happily with her fur-ever family and two of her children (who are quite cute!).   Though she came to her current family in bad shape, and pregnant with FIVE puppies (that is a lot for a little girl!), she is now happy as a clam!


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