Matchmaking – Valentine for Life!

//Matchmaking – Valentine for Life!

Did you know only one in ten dogs will ever find forever homes?

Matchmaking can fix that problem.  Matchmaking is a service that Behave offers to new and old clients looking to add a new family member to their family.  Finding the right breed, personality, and energy level for your home can make all the difference.  Even if you would never surrender your dog to a shelter and do everything it takes to keep your dog happy, matchmaking will still make your life easier in the long run.

We start off with the basics.  What is your life like?  Are you normally active, or when we get down to the honest truth do you prefer PJ’s to sneakers?  How much grooming do you want to do?  Is your household filled with more assertive personalities, or are you more relaxed?

Then, most importantly, are there any breeds that you are absolutely in love with?  Believe it or not, if you take enough time to look, you can find outliers in breeds such as lazy Siberian Huskies or Greyhounds who just love obedience.   Will it be an immediate find?  No.  But that’s why you are working with a professional, who has many contacts in the dog world!  If you have fallen in love with a look, don’t try to force fit a dog in your life that won’t work.  Let us help you find one that will.

Next, we come to you.  We will put together a list of approximately 10-20 breeds that would work for your household based on our previous discussion.  Together we will talk about which ones you prefer, and narrow the search down to two or three types of dogs.

Once we decide on the breeds, we search for the actual dog.  Behave can, at your request, also help you with this as well.  We are connected to many local rescues, shelters, and reputable breeders.  No matter which route you wish to go we can help you find your new best friend.

As for the most important part, the final selection, we will help you be sure that your dog you pick out fits the criteria you specified.  This is easiest with adult dogs, but can also be done in a litter of puppies.  Making sure your dogs energy matches yours will ensure a “happily ever after” that will truly be ever after.

Happy Valentines Day!

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