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When you work all day, and Fido wants to play, sometimes your dog gets the short end of the stick and doesn’t get enough exercise.  Basic treadmill training is a great quick fix for this.  Though treadmill training does not replace the need for your dog to walk, it is a great supplement for high energy dogs, as well as dogs in our rehabilitation programs.  This is something that can be purchased alone, or it can be taught during a private, in a in home session.

Behave’s treadmill training methods do use natural canine behavior, and are not harsh.  Typically dogs who go through our program will end up enjoying their treadmill, to the point that many end up “walking themselves” sans leash.  However, we always suggest supervision to ensure your dogs safety and well being.  For more information, and to see if your dog qualifies, e-mail our trainer at or submit an info request.


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