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We’re happy to come to you!

At Behave, our goal is to make quality behavior modification accessible. A general outline of what we offer is below. Feel free to contact us with any questions at

Step One – Initial Consultation & Tele-Session…On the house
To start off, we offer a complementary phone consult to get a comprehensive background and understanding of what goals you’d like to set for your dog.  This initial chat is always free, and gives us the ability to assess your needs, as well as giving you the ability to see what we’re all about.


  • Private sessions in home for adult dogs – $125  ***Limited Availability***
  • Private training in home for puppies under four months – $75  ***Limited Availability***
  • Six week group classes on site:  ***Not currently available***
  • Zoom or Tele-Session Training – $50

Our Services:

Saving Fido (Rescue Work)

Behave is ever dedicated to the placement of dogs in their forever homes. For this reason now offer free training programs for certified rescue groups looking to help dogs in need. Our offer is for any issue – even if it is a more ‘high risk’ type case, such as red zone aggression.  This program is based on need, and availability of our trainers.  To qualify, the applicant must be:

  • With a 501(c)(3) certified animal rescue organization
  • Working with a foster or volunteer able to dedicate time to training
  • Current on all shots and vaccinations

Please contact us at for more information and availability.

Treadmill Training

When you work all day, and Fido wants to play, sometimes your dog gets the short end of the stick and doesn’t get enough exercise.  Basic treadmill training is a great quick fix for this.  Though treadmill training does not replace the need for your dog to walk, it is a great supplement for high energy dogs, as well as dogs in our rehabilitation programs.  This is something that can be purchased alone, or it can be taught during a private, in a in home session.

Behave’s treadmill training methods do use natural canine behavior, and are not harsh.  Typically dogs who go through our program will end up enjoying their treadmill, to the point that many end up “walking themselves” sans leash.  However, we always suggest supervision to ensure your dogs safety and well being.  For more information, and to see if your dog qualifies, e-mail our trainer at or submit an info request.

Nutrition Consultation & Custom Dietary Plans

Nutrition guidance & consults are complimentary with all Behave training.  We firmly believe that health and balance starts from the inside, and dietary choices affect a dogs outward behavior.  Behave offers guidance whether feeding commercial diets, or customizing your own raw & biologically appropriate food plans.  Years of experience and practice with our own pack and guiding others has granted us insight for your own pets unique needs.

If your dog has medical issues, please consult your vet first before making any significant adjustments to your dogs lifestyle such as diet or exercise.