Raw Diet or Premium Kibble?

//Raw Diet or Premium Kibble?

Have you ever considered feeding a raw diet for your pups?  Many of our clients do – and for good reason!  Here is a quick list of pros and cons of feeding raw versus a premium grain free kibble:


  •  If made correctly, it is the healthiest and most natural food
  •  Raw food is better for dogs stomachs, as kibble offers no digestive enzymes
  •  Many studies conclude a natural, raw diet increases longevity
  •  Coat and skin health typically improve drastically
  •  Raw diets are more palatable to most dogs, and stimulate their mind the way kibble does not
  •  A properly prepared raw diet will reduce the risk of bloat in dogs, as it takes longer for them to consume than kibble


  • A higher possibility of foodborne illness
  • Costlier, unless you know a good butcher
  • More time consuming to prepare
  • Requires an in depth knowledge of canine nutrition
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