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At Behave, we understand that choosing a trainer can be confusing.  There are so many techniques, styles, and price ranges sometimes it’s hard to know what it is you’re actually getting.  That’s why we’ve started compiling a list of reviews.  We hope this will help our future customers get a better understanding of who we are, and the work we do.

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As close to night and day as you can get

After one session with our dog Pepper we saw an immediate difference in her neurotic behavior. It was as close to night and day and you can get with a living breathing animal. Alex is wonderful, and really goes above and beyond to make sure that your questions are answered. We adore her, and can't wait for further sessions with her. If you're lost and not sure if this is a right choice for you and your dog, I would highly suggest you give Behave! a shot. We could not be happier and more relieved.

Katie C.
Review from Yelp member

3-year-old strong-willed cat-like shiba inu....

We have had the BEST experience with Alexandra! We reached out after we adopted our 3-year-old strong-willed cat-like shiba inu and found that he had some aggressive tendencies toward a member of our family and our other dog, a smaller pomeranian mix. We went with the Aggression Rehab & Restoring Pack Balance package and we've seen such a huge improvement with our pup! She has guided us on how to interact with Hachi, identify his triggers, read his body language, and properly correct his behavior. He is a much happier member of the family now. Alexandra really knows how to speak dog and get to the root of the problem. We can't recommend her enough!

Demi T.
Review from Yelp member

I'm really glad we found her - and so is our dog.

Alex is great.  She genuinely cares about dogs - and more importantly their relationship with their owners.  We found ourselves with our daughter's Akita who was not leash trained and had not been around other dogs.   We needed help, so we hired Alex -and we're glad we did.  She came to our house and helped the dog (and us) learn how to walk together.   She helped us with a chewing issue and when I bought a doggie door, she helped us train the dog to use it.  She even made an introductory call for us to Camp Run A Mutt in East County. (Who are also fantastic).    I'm really glad we found her - and so is our dog.

Kathy C.
Review from Yelp Member

They are walking with me in control, and not pulling. I am even able to get my female to walk on my treadmill!!!

I was close to rehoming my female German shepherd before Alex came along. It was a decision that was incredibly heartbreaking-and something I did NOT want to do. In addition, we also have another young male German shepherd who has been a major challenge for us. During the initial consultation, she immediately assessed both dogs and confidently took control. I was amazed. She showed how to correctly walk both dogs (both being major pullers, it was something I never attempted because it was too difficult). Within a few weeks I am taking control, and it feels amazing. They are walking with me in control, and not pulling. I am even able to get my female to walk on my treadmill!!! I am so happy to see the progress that we have made, with the help of Alex. I would recommend her to anyone!

Heather T.
Review from Yelp Member

Very community-oriented and supports many rescues

Alex is such a find.  She has worked with me and two of my foster dogs.  The first foster had high anxiety and was extremely scared of people.  He would pull like a sled dog on walks so we practiced simple techniques for keeping him at my side and looking to me for leadership. The second foster dog was anxious and dominant to my dog so we practiced enforcing pack roles, not doling out affection to reward his poor behavior, etc.  This all may seem on the surface like fairly simple advice....but I tell you it is NOT intuitive to those of us who don't professionally work with dogs every day.

Alex is very down to earth and practical.  She can read and assess dog behavior and tailor the technique to the dog and pack.  She is exceptionally accessible and responsive.  She also is very community-oriented and supports many rescues. I have the utmost respect for her.  I have recommended Alex to many of my dog owner friends will most definitely continue to do so.

Amy K.
Review from Yelp Member

Who would have thought it were that easy...

Alex is the best!!!

Our border collie/cattle dog is not okay with pit bulls.  This is problem since our grown daughter's pup is a pit bull.  We became frustrated after spending less time together on account of our dogs not getting along.  We already had one emergency vet visit for a bite.  So we hired Alex to help us.

She started with teaching us doggie psychology and the basics of behavior training.  I had previously heard most of what she said at one time or another.  But she put it all together in a way that it all makes perfect sense now.  One session helped us with two problems that we had not anticipated.  For one, I used to have trouble walking our dog with ease.  He would pull me off balance to sniff this or that.  He would also pull against the leash till the skin on my hands were raw.  I followed some very simple steps and, presto, he is a dream to walk.  Who would have thought it were that easy.

By the second session, we were able to address the two dogs being together.  Things have improved greatly.  I have all the confidence in the world that the dogs will be fine together.

I will be so sad when we don't need Alex anymore.  I guess it will be time to get dog #2.

Teresa S.
Review from Yelp Member

Alexandra helped us find the perfect canine family member...

Alexandra helped us to find the perfect canine family member... it turned out to be a doberman from a local shelter - after a long consultation phase about the right breed, she located this wonderful dog and helped us to get started with good training. Alexandra seems to know everything about dogs and has a somehow magic touch to do the right thing to get results. She is deeply engaged, always has an answer to our many questions, and apparently endless patience. It is indeed as good as it gets. Thank you, Alexandra,

Klaus H.
Review from Yelp Member

Alex has me convinced it's attainable where before all hope was lost

I can't say enough good things...

Alex is calm and understanding. She took the time to listen to the issues I was having and came up with a great strategy. She taught me how to recognize and understand my dog's bad behavior,  and how and when to make corrections. I have a 70lb. Pit/mix with dog aggressive tendencies and that was no deterrent to Alex and Behave.

My goal is to get my dog to be able to enjoy Fiesta Island off leash with out any issues. Although I'm not there yet... Alex has me convinced it's attainable where before all hope was lost.

Bottom line Alex is great and me and my dog's life has improved.

Patrick C.
Review from Yelp Member

Alex keeps the session going until she sees the progress that she wants

I don't even know where to begin... We have a 2 year old pit mix with fear based aggression towards other dogs and generally a mind of her own.  Despite a prong collar, taking her for a walk was a daily nightmare-enter Alex with Behave!  Within 5 minutes Alex had her walking calmly and attentively without the prong collar! Over course of our sessions, we have learned how to deal with our pup's temperament and even though she still needs some work, she's a different dog than she was before Alex came into our lives!

Alex is knowledgeable, patient, and a genuine pleasure to spend time with.  Most of our sessions have far exceeded the allotted 1 hr, because if either one of us, or our dog isn't "getting it", Alex keeps the session going until she sees the progress that she wants.

We are so grateful to have found such an amazing trainer, and would highly recommend Alex and Behave! to anyone looking for a trainer of the highest caliber.

Jackie S.
Review from Yelp Member

Now he is much calmer when walking around people...

Alex with Behave! is a great trainer! She is absolutely wonderful to be around and help with training my dog Dodge (AKA Poppin). Dodge had problems when he was on a leash, not only pulling, but he would bark and tug when someone walked by.  Now, he is much calmer when walking around people and he doesn't pull so much. Only 2 sessions into the 6, and Dodge is doing so much better. Her technique and her attitude is always very polite and professional.   I would recommend Alex to anyone!

Virginia L
Review from Yelp member

Highly recommended...

Alex at Behave is amazing. Our family has 2 chihuahua terriers who had a hard time listening. Every time they had the opportunity to head out our front door they would bolt! After two sessions with Behave, they actually started behaving and listening.

We learned that running after them wasn't the answer, rewarding properly is. Training a dog doesn't require common sense, it requires speaking the dog's language. This is what Behave taught our family. Highly recommended!

David D.
Review from Yelp member

Great experience with Alexandra...

Great experience with Alexandra.  Her assistance has made a great difference in my shy little dog.  Would recommend her to anyone.

Review from Yelp member

We have had Alex out to the house for both training and dog sitting and she's terrific...

Always friendly, even when our four dogs are being very bad! And always really professional, patient, reliable, and detail-oriented. She's a GEM!

Ame S.
Review from Yelp member

I would definitely recommend Alex of Behave to anyone needing behavioral help with their dogs!

My dog had an issue with fear-based aggression towards both people and other dogs. Working with Alex even after 2-3 sessions there was noticeable improvement, and both myself and my dog learned something new from Alex each time she visited. In fact I learned so much that when my ex split and took our dog, I was able to work with my new boy I adopted who had similar (but not as severe) issues as my girl dog had had.

This was almost a year ago and throughout the year I received the occasional note from her saying she hoped Lucy & I were doing well; not only is Alex professional and knowledgeable, she genuinely cares about both her human and four-legged clients!

Cayla J.
Review from Yelp member

I started using Alex as our dog trainer about 3 weeks ago...

My dog now walks on the leash like he is supposed to. We are working on food aggressions and agression toward other dogs. Alex is very knowledgeable and spends extra time with us. She is only suppose to be here for a hour but has stayed 30 minutes extra twice to help us even more. Id recommend her to anyone who needs help with behavior or obedience.

Dallas L.
Review from Yelp member

Alex is wonderful!!!

Our Basset Diego Bacon was having trouble playing nice at the park and he thought he was the alpha...After he started trying to dominate people we called Alex to help us get him back on track. Diego loved Alex immediately and was very responsive after his first session and by his third session he was well on his way to being a very good boy. What I really like about Alex though is that although she does speak dog language very well she also did an excellent job of training us on the proper techniques and methods for recognizing the signs of aggression and how to stop it before it escalates.

Bottom line is Alex is knowledgable, effective, friendly and affordable. I would recommend Behave! to any family needing help with their baby!

Olivia R.
Review from Yelp member

I was very satisfied in her experience with dogs...

She clearly knows and is very confident in her field. All of the methods she gave me for my dogs have worked very well and would recommend her abilities at training dogs for anyone that needs help with their four legged friend!

Nathan S.
Review from Yelp member

I have started training sessions with Alex for my dog Durham...

Our goal is to have Durham prepared to take and pass the Canine Good citizen certification test, and for Durham to eventually become a therapy dog. Alex is extremely knowledgeable and her training methods are easy to understand and follow, and they are very effective. I also use Alex's techniques with my other dogs, and they work just as well. I highly recommend Alex at Behave! for any of your dog training needs!

Victoria H.
Review from Yelp member

As a very committed dog owner...

I have always been leary of dog trainers, but when I found myself with a Jack Russell Terrier who wanted to kill her little sister 10 times a day, I realized I had to bring in a professional. I am so glad that I did!!! There are not enough good things that I can say about Alex. After one session, the fighting had all but stopped. After four, I now have the skills to be a confident pack leader and to give my girls someone they can follow. Not only did Alex know how to guide my dogs, but she also knew how to guide me. She was professional, as well as understanding and worked within my comfort zone. We are a much happier dog family since using Behave. I will, and have recommend this to anyone who has a tough dog issue, or just needs a little help speaking dog better. Cesar who?

Sarah B
Review from Yelp member

Failure is not an option with her...

Alex is the best at what she does. Failure is not an option with her and "let a dog be a dog", she would say.

Kathy S.
Review from Facebook

Getting my boy to his best

So far we have only had one training session with Alex and I already see an improvement in my boy. It’s amazing what you can do with your dog (even my rescue) with the proper training. I have been searching for the past two years for the right trainer and I am so glad I found her!
I am so happy to have learned so much about my dog and how to work with him better so he has a more happy and comfortable life. That’s literally all I want is to make his life the happiest it can be. I look forward to more sessions with Alex and getting my boy to his best

Jennifer C.
Review from Facebook

Happy, healthy well behaved dogs...

Alex is amazing! I don't even know where to begin ! She helped me with my pit bull puppy, who is now a happy well adjusted 3 1/2 year old. She has excellent training classes, she will come to your house and help dog walking skills in your own neighborhood and in your own home. She has so many great suggestions and tips for raising happy, healthy well behaved dogs. Her agility and pack walk classes have helped my skittish, nervous puppy really gain confidence. She also helped me recently when my dog got a sister, and gave great dog walking tips for walking both doggies at the same time . She came over, and joined us on a couple walks and gave great suggestions and helped us all so much! I really appreciate her healthy living tips for the doggies meals and treats as well. Alex is a wonderful trainer and friend who I can't say enough great things about!

Fran K.
Review from Facebook

Great with dogs, and the dogs love her

She is awesome. ..great with the dogs, and the dogs love her. So glad we have her as our dog trainer.

Suzi M.
Review from Facebook

Our dog was struggling with reactivity....

We are so grateful for Alex! We were referred to her by the rescue where we adopted our dog. Our dog was struggling with reactivity and Alex has helped us with this in so many ways! Helping us and our new dog Reba, learn tricks and tips and build confidence. She’s patient and kind and really goes the extra mile. This is our first family dog and we would have been lost without Alex!

Karen H.
Review from Facebook

The difference in Koa's behavior is significant

We're so grateful for Alex's leadership and guidance. Before training with her, I felt sick to my stomach every time I had to leave the house with my reactive dog. Each session with Alex helped us better understand our dog's mindset, and while we still have a ways to go, the difference in Koa's behavior is significant—we've even taken her to a dog park a couple times (still on leash) and she's barely barked, and even played with a few puppy friends! Thank you for your time and patience, Alex—Koa has better parents now because of you!

Lauren H.
Review from Facebook

I HIGHLY recommend!

Nicest lady in the world! She is very dedicated to her job and is literally a dog whisperer! I HIGHLY recommend!

Oliver M.
Review from Facebook

She wants her clients to learn as much as they can so that after some time the owner is capable and in control...

I hired Alexandra/Behave to help me alleviate some anxiety , pulling on leash, and other behavior issues with my adopted dogs and she was nothing short of passionate about what she does, helpful, knowledgeable, and compassionate towards my dogs and I. She wants her clients to learn as much as they can so that after some time the owner is capable and in control of the situation.Her presence, training techniques and help made a difference in our lives and has continued to years later. Whatever the issue may be, I would highly recommended Behave for training and behavior modification help. Honest, hardworking, professional, and effective !

Diana S.
Review from Facebook

She is always there when I have a question and always make sure all of my questions are 100% answered

Amazing! I love the pricing! Alex is very professional and very understanding, and she just gets things done! ♡ She is always there when I have a question and she always makes sure all of my questions are 100% answered. I can't even say enough good things about Alex and her business! Any time I need any kind of help with another dog again I will return to Behave! Not a doubt in my mind smile emoticon!

Kim G.
Review from Facebook

You get your time and way beyond your monies worth

We just adopted our 2nd GSD except this one is a young female GSD from the shelter with a lot of love but also a whole lot of energy I didn't know what to do with. Alex was sent to the rescue, thank you Donna, and I can honestly say I walked away feeling happy and hopeful. Alex gives you skills that are easy to understand, explains the why's, and really encourages you to not give up or feel you aren't doing a good job. She makes it seem effortless and she is really easy to talk to. She doesn't make you feel like she is in a hurry and you can tell she really loves what she does and all these animals. You get your time and way beyond your monies worth. I would recommend you Alex to anyone and everyone! I feel so hopeful after today! Whew!!! Thank you!

Erika A.
Review from Facebook

I wasn't expecting results this quickly

Alex is amazing!! I have a pit/lab mix who is very dog friendly, but was having leash anxiety. He would lunge and bark at dogs when we walked past them and it looked and sounded awful. Alex, Bubba and I have done 3 sessions now and he is already sooo much better! Learning how to understand his body language as well as communicate in a way he understands has been so helpful and has really strengthened our bond. Alex also recognized that Bubba has separation anxiety and we're working on that as well. It's been less than a month and the progress I've seen has been amazing! I wasn't expecting results this quickly and I highly recommend Alex to anyone who needs help with their pup.

Rylie B.
Review from Facebook

20 mins in and my dog already had a good happy face going on...

I just started, and man I was beyond shocked!!! Alex is more than amazing!!! She's very professional, friendly, outgoing, and definitely knows her stuff! I cant wait for the rest of my sessions!! 20 mins in and my dog already had a good happy face going on. I was shocked. (my dog is very fearful of strangers) my little guy even gave her kisses and allowed her to walk him!!!

I recommend results with behave to ANYONE!!
Alex is the go to trainer!!!

Raychel Getz
Review from Facebook

So happy to have this company training my dogs...

So happy to have this company training my dogs...Alex goes way above and beyond what one would expect...I can call her a panic.. and her energy calms me right back down...She is helping me help my dogs in ways I never knew...thank you...thank you...thank you..❤

Michelle M.
Review from Facebook

Thank you Behave for bringing order to the chaos!

Alex is the best trainer I have come across! She teaches you how to communicate with your dog on his/her level. The new level of communication is very helpful in teaching them what the rules are and praising them too! We have three good dogs, but a little crazy and the technique Alex works with us has truly brought the pack together with us as the pack leaders. It is amazing to connect with them as opposed to just commanding them! Thank you Alex and Behave for bringing order to the chaos!!!! Love you, from the whole pack!!
BethAnne A.
Review from Facebook

Absolutely fantastic...

Absolutely fantastic! I highly recommend the group classes for yourself and your canine companion. Looking forward to completing the Canine Good Citizen class and helping Roscoe find his forever home. Thank you, Alex for welcoming us in to your class and helping rescue dogs become well behaved, balanced family members!

Michael Ann S.
Review from Facebook

Huge thanks and forever gratitude...

So, over the last six months or so, Shaun-Dog has developed some pretty bad leash aggression. Our long-time trainer and fixer of all things Shaun related, Alexandra Gant, suggested exceedingly long walks in a high foot-traffic area with other on-leash dogs (for us, the board walk). We'd have to do this for two weeks e.v.e.r.y d.a.y making corrections to bad behavior consistently (which, you have to understand, in Shaunna's case, also meant constantly). Only three days in, I nearly threw in the towel. The stress of being on high alert for that long of a walk with Shaunna hollering viciously at other pups was too much. I was close to quitting, but something made me go on that day's walk anyway. That is why I'm writing this. I'm going to document our progress publicly to hold me accountable, because she deserves to be stress-free and relaxed on our walks as much as I do.
I am beyond pleased to announce that today, only one week in, we walked by two dogs without so much as a grumble! There were, of course, quite a few other dogs that we did have issues with...but I'm taking it as a win!  Her ability to recover from stressful encounters has improved tremendously, and she strolled calmly, loose-lead, right by my side, for a good 85% of the walk. I'm seeing minor improvements daily, and I can't wait to see how much better we do next week. 
Huge thanks and forever gratitude to Alex for continuing to help and encourage us in our growth!

Sophia G.
Facebook Testimonial

I have never seen such great results...

I hired Behave to help us with 2 new dogs we adopted as well as our poodle mix we've had for a year. I've been around dogs pretty much all my life and I can honestly say I have never seen such great results. I love how Alex teaches you how to understand your dog so you can work with them rather then simply train your dog to do what you want. It makes a huge difference and helps build a relationship with your K9 partner. Interestingly what she teaches is very similar in many ways to working with horses. 🙂 I recommend Behave to all my students and friends who have dogs.

David R.
Review from Facebook

It totally changed my mind about dog trainers....

I was a bit skeptical about bringing my dog Nasus to a dog trainer because It is quite pricey. But after going to Behave, it totally changed my mind about dog trainers. She was very skillful at training my dog, she was calm and assertive in her approach. Not only were the prices reasonable, the service was excellent.

Roy C.
Review from Facebook

Energetic and extremely cheerful...

The services are excellent and also at a reasonable price. It was wonderful working with Alex and the environment was both energetic and extremely cheerful. I would recommend Behave to anyone in need of assistance! A overall great experience! Much Happy.
Aaron L.
Review from Facebook

Leaps and bounds above the norm...

With great prices and fantastic service this is a company to watch. Not only is it a fantastic deal fiscally the quality of training your pet receives is leaps and bounds above the norm.

Sam B.
Review from Facebook

I have no hesitations referring everyone to her...

Alex is great at interactively training your dog with you and explains everything she is doing while she does it. I have no hesitations referring everyone to her because she was very helpful with my dog. My dog had a habit of barking at everyone who came to our house, even me. She is also very timid but Alex had helped her and my brothers Staffordshire bull terrier coexist. I have been able to see a big improvement on her work with my brothers dog as well which is impressive because she was born deaf.

Justin D.
Review from Facebook

Had my first session with Alex this week...

I learned so much and am looking forward to my next session 🙂 One day soon I hope to be "the pack leader".

Lucrecia B.
Review from Facebook

Great Dog Training

Jack came to me as a stray who was rescued off the streets of Tijuana; he had been living on the streets for a while and had probably gotten into a dog fight, so when the Good Samaritan found him, Jack had an infected eye, which had to be removed. I worked with Jack for a couple of months and noticed that he didn't respond as so many other rescues had. He wasn't particularly responsive to treats or attention, so I was at a loss trying to understand how to address his aggressiveness when people came into or near the house. After only two sessions with Alex, I came to understand the source of Jack's aggressiveness and was able to help him begin his healing process. Alex taught me a few relatively simple techniques that have worked well with Jack. Alex was extremely patient, knowledgeable, and shares a keen understanding of the dog's needs. The key, however, is to take those extremely useful techniques that Alex teaches and practice, practice, practice. While Jack is still 'a work in progress,' I would have been completely lost without Alex's help. I would highly recommend her to anyone with a dog. Alex told me it's best to start dogs on these techniques before they exhibit any issues. That way, the issues never have the opportunity to surface. Great advice. Thank you, Alex!

Jennifer Bergovoy

Alex brought out the "dog whisperer" in me!

There are no tricks to training dogs, but a lot of tricks to training people who train dogs, and Alex has a bag full of them. She knows that it is the HUMAN end of the lead that makes the biggest difference in positive behavior, from commitment to confidence.

Ridgebacks are big, strong dogs, and sometimes hard to place if they are used to their independence. Mika was a hard case, an escape artist who loved to correct other dogs in the pack when she arrived in March 2014. She spent much time crated and we were struggling with finding a placement for her. It took a lot of work and walks, but in August she was placed with another dog in a family who want to make it work and are willing to do the work to help her behave!

Meet Scholar, a beautiful Field Golden Retriever...

Scholar was recently adopted into her forever home, and is currently looking to get her Canine Good Citizen!
​However, Scholar's life was not always so wonderful.  We don't know everything about her past, but when she was found, she had just had puppies, and was a medical mess.  With this neglect, she had developed tendencies toward resource guarding as well as a bit of fear aggression if she felt vulnerable.

With TLC from her new family, and some training guidance from Behave, she has not only come past her issues but blossomed into a dog that anyone would be envious of.  Within a span of less than two months, Scholar has become a model citizen at the dog park, friend to the kitties that live with her, and great off leash dog.  Thank you, Colleen and Damian for the chance to work with such an outstanding pup!


Dante was rescued in October of 2011...

by our Lead Behaviorist, Alexandra Gant and her partner Ian.  Dante was found as a stray, and was an obvious abuse case.  Surgery was required to graft skin over his lip, which was entirely missing.  Half of one of his ears is permanently gone, and scars covered his body which was missing patches of fur.  We don't know whether he was used as bait for dog fights, or his previous owner did this to him, but he came out of this horrible home with many issues.  Aggression, mistrust, separation anxiety, and hyperactivity were just a few.
After intensive behavior training and work to get Dante physically healthy again, he is now the best Husky anyone could ask for.  He is currently working towards his Therapy Dog title, is a trusted member at his doggy daycare, and even helps his mom with her cases.

We are so proud of Dante, and he truly is an ambassador for abused animals.  He is here to show the world that any dog can be fully rehabilitated.

Our own personal success story

She's a great trainer, and really know how to get through to my stubborn dogs

LOVE her! My dogs Joey, Quinn, and Winnie just adore and love her just as much as we do. She's a great trainer, and really know how to get through to my stubborn dogs!

Hannah U.
Google+ Review

Reliable and effective, her training won't break the bank...

I have a Pit Bull named Sugar who has issues with interacting with other dogs. Within 10 minutes of working with her, Alex had Sugar focusing on her rather than the dogs around her. She wasn't doing her typical whining/screaming vocalizations and she wasn't quivering like she usually does. Definitely the best trainer I've been able to find! Reliable and effective, her training won't break the bank either. Absolutely my first choice when recommending to anyone with the need for a trainer.

Allie R.
Google+ Review

She has helped me learn so much about my Pitties behavior...

To any and all looking for a great motivated, dedicated, understanding, and extremely successful dog trainer.....Alexandra Grant is your girl! She has helped me to learn so much about my Pitties behavior. You can see how passionate she is in her work just by talking to her. I would highly recommend her to all dog owners!

Amber M.
Google+ Review

Definitely will recommend to friends and family...

I was definitely nervous about meeting Alex for the first time. I am a new pet owner with very little experience with pet behavior and have been using the internet as my guiding light for training my puppy, Pix. To my GREAT relief, Alex was amazing. She explained everything she was doing, and more importantly, she explained WHY it was effective. Definitely will recommend to friends and family. Thanks, Alex!

Marie L.
Google+ Review

My pups have never behaved better...

Alex was amazing with my two dogs, Ozzy and Audrey. She is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. 100% Recommend to everyone. My pups have never behaved better than they are now. Ozzy was a territorial dominate alpha male who often bit me, but he now knows that I am his owner and behaves much better. Audrey was a jumper. She would jump on anybody and anything but after some training with Alex, she greets my guests calmly. It's AMAZING!

Dillon Rankin
Review from Google+

I would and do recommend Behave to anyone in need of a little help...

With incredibly reasonable prices and a wonderfully energetic and kind trainer, I would and do recommend Behave to anyone in need of a little help with their furry friend! Alexandra the lead behaviorist and trainer for Behave is very engaging and makes sure you know what's going on and what she is doing the entire time she is working with your dog to teach you just what you need to know and do to get the results you want!

Ian H.
Review from Google+

2 Bostons who like to bark at people...

We have 2 Bostons who like to bark at people. Alexandra from Behave had our dogs responding to her training methods within minutes! Yes minutes! She quickly assessed their needs and issues and tailored the training to address their specific issues. Of course, this also involves training the owners! I have subscribed to the group classes as well and they are a great way to both train and socialize our furry family members.

John R.
Review from Google+

Alexandra is an INCREDIBLE trainer!

She was super-generous with her time and blew my mind with her insights into my dog's behavior. My jaw was constantly dropping during our session, hearing all the strategies she knows & explanations of my dog's behavior - seriously, Alexandra is awesome. I've already seen improvement in my dog in just a few days' time since our session, and I actually feel like I have the tools to continue helping her with her leash aggression. I can't recommend Behave highly enough!

Allison S.
Review from Google+ Member

I first hired Alex to help me gain control of my 3 dogs...

They were controlling me and I was starting to feel overwhelmed. She is a great teacher and trainer! She has a very calm approach and worked patiently with all of us. We accomplished what we set out to do and we are a much happier family now. I also called Alex to take care of my dogs when I went out of town. She is awesome! She always came on time, did everything she said she would, and texted me updates on how they were doing. She is very professional and caring. I highly recommend her for training and pet care!

Eva S.
Google+ Review

Helped train my rottweiler puppy to be the loving, sweet dog she is today!

Alexandra is an excellent dog behaviorist. Helped train my rottweiler puppy to be the loving, sweet dog she is today!

Rino O.
Review from LinkedIn

I have seen her transform dogs like no one else...

Alexandra is one of the best behaviorist in North County. I have seen her transform dogs like no one else I have seen. She's not only a great trainer, but she can truly transform "problem" dogs into dogs that you'd love to have! I have and will always recommend Alexandra!

Hannah U.
Review from LinkedIn

She took her time training me, as well as my dog...

Alexandra was a great trainer, for my dog Kelly. She took her time training me, as well as my dog. She was always on time, for our in home training sessions, and even spent a little extra time on occasion. The results were great.
Thank you,
Dan P.

Dan P.
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The results were fantastic...

Alex was the perfect behaviorist for our Rottweiler. We worked with Alex over the course of a few months to work with our fear aggressive dog. We called her after our dog scratched a child who was visiting in our house. We have many children and guests in and out constantly and we could not have a dog that would bark and possibly bite when she got scared. From our first consultation Alex gave us homework to help rehabilitate our dog and to further entrench us as pack leaders. The best example of our dogs improvement is that kids come in and out all the time now without having to be worried. We also had a party in our home with around 25 guests and the dog was able to come in and be touched by all the strangers. At the beginning of our training this would have been unspeakable. Alex's prices were very reasonable and the results were fantastic. I can't recommend her enough.

Dorie H.
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She showed me how to help myself....

I enjoyed her experience and the way she was helping. I ran out of money before my training was done and she tried to help when she could. She knew what to do, and how to direct my crazy do in just one session. She showed me how to help myself. It was an awesome experience. She is very reasonable and very loving to the dogs. SHE IS GREAT USE HER

Joanne P.
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She's the best trainer ever!!!

Our dog Red wouldn't listen to anyone. Within 3 minutes he was listening and obeying. Thanks Alex

Sabrina S.
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